The Outsideist Commandments (Suggestments)

As brainstormed on a napkin by the Warmley Wanderers’ Faction in a dustbin behind a fish and chip shop while huffing scrap paper. Transcribed here approximately as it appears in the original document.

  1. Empathy is mandatory
  2. Thou shalt have no other instincts before Empathy
  3. Challenge thy own thoughts, opinions and reasoning
  4. Seek the testimony of unheard voices
  5. Listen comprehensively, attentively, and in good faith
  6. Thou shalt not uncritically accept evidence
  7. Thou shalt not unrealistically deny evidence
  8. Thou shalt not ignore the socioeconomic circumstances
  9. Thou shalt not uncritically accept the socioeconomic circumstances
  10. Thou shalt not believe two-dimensional mental images of three-dimensional people
  11. Thou shalt not instinctively fear or pathologise Other
  12. Thou shalt not lie to thyself about the suffering of Other
  13. Test the waters outside thy ideological comfort zone
  14. No fizzy drinks before 11
  15. The world is a twisted place and this must be acknowledged
  16. Do not look upon the Masters they are not for mortal minds Recognise the power of the fictions we create
  17. Something about politics here?????
  18. Hungry will finish this later

The Suggestments have been held up to a great deal of critical scrutiny within Outsideist circles, with article 14 coming under particular pressure. However, they have also been quoted and repurposed in various ways as concise guidance for new converts. The question of how to bring Outsideist theory into practical application in daily life is one that still fuels debate and development in the community, less than half of it taking place in dustbins.


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