Introducing @TheOutsideists

The Outsideists now has a Twitter feed. What this means in practice is that I really want to show off this woolen Cthulhu mask. It will also be the space for short, flippant thoughts and observations about the philosophy, current events, reality, Fl’nurgath, Ashkzt, Glrreag’gh, and Umylxlymu.




A few days ago I had an idea for a play, but I’m a busy/lazy person so instead of writing the play I wrote a demo of the play. This is a self-contained example of a scene that might hypothetically appear in it. I’m quite tickled by this, and it heavily draws from this blog so I’m posting it here.

It takes a genre and a topic that is very current, very obvious and very easy…but spins it in a way that is kind of odd. Not to give the game away any more than the title already has, but if you like the sound of ‘weird fiction vs. Alt-right-merica’ then consider giving it a look. It’s aggressively post-self!

You can view a PDF of it here: FASCISTS AND CHAOS BEASTS (demo) or zoom in on the reader below.