Outsideism In Practice: Proposed Strategies (Vol. 1)


  • Look for idiosyncratic, bizarre phenomena, and think about the fact that they are both a) someone’s permanent reality and b) a natural product of the world.
  • After a frustrating or upsetting interaction, stop and consciously envision yourself trapped in the consciousness of the other participant.
  • Consider a deliberate, moderated, periodical exposure to extremely upsetting news stories. Enough to reignite your horror at the brokenness of the world, but not enough to desensitise. (For additional productivity, choose one and think about which systems produced it.)
  • Absorb multiple cultures into your awareness, turning your interior space into an impure jungle.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Consume something created by someone with a life experience at a remove from your own in several major categories. (What exactly qualifies as a major category, you will have to deduce for yourself.) Do this regularly.
  • If you find a piece of media that you particularly enjoy or particularly dislike, stop and consider what aspects of your own life experience and relationship to that medium are informing your taste, before making a value judgement.
  • Make a value judgement about your taste itself. You don’t need to change your taste as a result.
  • Try to cross-reference your own experience of subjective time with the wider, interconnected, fixed mesh of dialectical time.
  • Leave the house. If leaving the house is unfeasible, look at some maps.
  • Consider a session of actually reading your friends and relatives’ social media updates – actively. Note mentally how their universes differ from yours.
  • Consider abandoning social media entirely. Hesitate and fail to do so.
  • Envision a piece of art that only you, yourself, could ever create. Ask yourself how it would manipulate its audience’s consciousness(es).
  • If you see someone who you think looks strange, ridiculous or ugly, stop and imagine you live a country in which everybody looks like that person. Momentarily create a new standard of visual beauty through which to gaze on them.
  • Try out five genres of music you have previously avoided – textures of time itself that you have rejected. Investigate what social and ideological factors might have influenced these rejections, and whether such walls can be overcome.
  • Identify the minor deities of your interior landscape, and begin negotiating a more equal relationship with them.